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Volvos are built with safety in mind.

Volvo original parts are manufactured to work in sync for maximum efficiency.  Purchasing your Volvo brakes from us gives you the peace of mind that you're getting the right brakes every time.

Aftermarket manufactured brakes may lead to increased noise and brake dust over time, and their brake rotors may warp more easily.  Four-wheel discs and ABS are found on Volvo brakes as standard safety measures, ensuring that stopping distances are as short as possible and you can brake when it counts the most.

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Volvo Tires


Having the proper tires can impact your Volvo’s handling and safety.

In cold temperatures, winter tires provide more stability than all-season tires and are designed with tread patterns that can provide more resistance on slippery surfaces, keeping you and your Volvo on the road. Winter tires are wider, providing superior braking, steering control and traction when you need it most. These advantages kick in to gear at 7 C, so even on cold autumn mornings a driver with winter tires will have a smoother ride.

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White Glove Concierge Service

With the purchase of every New and Used Vehicle, Volvo Cars New Brunswick is proud to offer our customers an exclusive, premium White Glove Concierge Service. Learn More about our great White Glove Concierge Service features.