A Monthly Maintenance Check-Up

Happy October!

I’ve always held the philosophy of celebrating every new month like a miniature new year. What can I do this month different to enjoy myself more, or get more work done? What new things will I do?


To me October presents the opportunity to bundle up in big sweaters while facing the crisp autumn air with a piping hot tea in hand. I like to get out as much as possible before the winter cold sets in and I begin my couch hibernation. So although I am super excited to get October underway, I always make sure to do a basic check-up on all important things before I get going: cleaning out my inbox, a quick clean of the kitchen, checking my bank account… If I don’t do it at the beginning of the month, it usually slips my mind once things get busy in the following weeks! Sounds like a good time for your car’s monthly check-up!


Let’s take a look…

I’d like to share with you a quick checklist for a monthly check-up for your vehicle, to make sure that you’re in good shape for the busy month to come. A Guide to Auto$mart Vehicle Maintenance from Natural Resources Canada recommends that drivers check the following to identify any problems and possibly save money in the future. Check it out!


  • Check the tire pressure and look for signs of uneven wear, bulges or cracks, or embedded objects that could cause air leaks.
  • Look for any type of fluid leaks around the car and underneath. The colour of the liquid will help you identify what type of fluid may be leaking – oil is black, coolant is bright greenish yellow, automatic transmission fluid is pink and power steering fluid and brake fluids are clear, with a slight brown tinge. This is especially important to those with pets, as a lot of your cars fluids are poisonous to our furry friends!
  • Check the fluid levels in your car and make sure they align to what your owner’s manual says is the optimum levels.
  • Check under the hood for cracked or split spark plug wires, cracked radiator hoses or loose clamps and corrosion around the battery terminals.
  • Test your brakes on a flat road with zero traffic: rest your hands lightly on the steering wheel and gently and gradually apply the brakes. If you swerve to one side, that could mean that one of your brake linings is more worn and your brakes could require an adjustment.
  • While you’re out, check your wheel alignment by resting your hands lightly on the steering wheel and driving at a steady pace. If you feel the vehicle pulling to one side, then the wheels may be misaligned.


That’s it! Six simple checks at the beginning of every month to make sure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape for the month to come. I wish you all well, stay warm!



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